Synergy is real.

Even though we specialize in Face & Body painting, we also provide a safe landing space for artists to connect on a more personal level outside of the noise of social media. We welcome all local artists who take the initiative to thrive with us. Join our Discord Channel to be a part of the DC Creators community. We strive to co-create with purpose, love & positivity.

Body Art Collective

We love to ART UP THE VIBE for events in the DC, MD & VA areas by providing face & body art entertainment. Message Davina to book DC Creators for your next event. We come to you and make it a pARTy! –In addition to this awesome service, we also host workshops specializing in face & body painting and help creators learn, earn and explore this niche. 

Focus Areas

Current Projects & Ventures

Events & Collaborations

Because collaborate with so many communities, we always have an event on the calendar.

Face & Body Painting

We make it a "pARTy" by providing a wide range of face & body painting services.

Body Art Workshops

The "Body Art Collective" hosts workshops to explore this niche in depth.

Network Rebuild

We strive to evolve this network until we make it the tool we all need to succeed.


A great place to explore & network your artistic side!
KMarlette Poole
A Necessary way of being for creative types...
Irene Koumbothanassi
Great energy, deep beats & wonderful creative talent!
Jorge Goncalves

Our Partners & Supporters

American Heart Association
City of Richmond
Sunday Love @Flash Club
Metta Makers
MarksterCon Productions
Sunset & Chill

Creating with purpose, love & positivity.