Co-founder of DC Creators
& Founder of the DC Creators Network

Hello, I'm Davina

“People tell me to put a face to DC Creators, so here I am. This is my passion project! I’ve always had a deep desire to help others discover their own creative potential and a social soul that takes action where there are possibilities. DC is very creative at its roots, so my best friend Jorge (RIP) and I started hosting creative POP-UP events (2014) in the DC area under name of DC Creators Productions (right after Burning Man). We aimed to give artists access to the right tools and knowledge so they can find their own creative outlets. Because what we need is a way to share & create at our fullest potential.

We have grown so much thanks to our supporters! We started in DC, and have since expanded our outreach to the surrounding areas of MD & VA. As of March (2021), we are able to connect virtually as we produced the DC Creators Network (DCCN) we promised our followers. This is our COVID response. You see, as a Web Designer, I have access to the right tools & skills to design a complicated website such as this. So I gathered a small team with complementary developer skills, and drive to help transition our mission online, and help mold this into a useful tool so we can focus on our creative goals, together.”

A Brief History of the DC Creators Journey

We started the DC Creators community after returning from Burning Man in 2014. Afterward, realized everyone is a creator at their core.

We hosted many Creative POP-UPS & Workshops all around the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area.

We also hosted Art Shows & Warehouse pARTies, co-created & collaborated with other collectives.

Co-Founder Jorge unexpectedly passed in 2019. Then COVID-19 emerged in 2020, so we paused to mourn & reformat our program.

We produced the New DC Creators Network (2021) so our community can safelyconnect, exchange & share anything creative online.

In Loving Memory of
Co-Founder "Jorge Goncalves"

May he always be remembered.

 (RIP: 1962-2019)

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