Art chakra

Now that I’ve probably gotten the attention of new age types and pun lovers, let’s get to the point.

Can paid projects also be deep experiences which happen to be art-opening? (Yes, that is an intentional mis-spelling) I definitely think so, and I’m looking for more of these!

Drawing portraits, for example, is an intimate experience for me. I feel I’m connecting with the being I’m drawing, no matter how well I know or don’t know them. I have the chance to see from a different perspective as well. This process can thaw the ice within and crack my shell for a bit.

With the burner world on hold, I’ve had trouble expressing and facing the currents of life. I am working on more private projects right now, that are waking me up to emotions and thoughts.  I’m not sure if I’d be in touch with this side without art projects to work on!

P.S. Props to Diar for being such a dream to work with, and my first finished color piece of the year!

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  1. Love the colors you chose! So glad this (paid) gig produced so much more for you. This is great! I hope the crack in your shell opens to many more opportunities such as this, so to speak. 😉