Creative Group Project!

We are excited about the possibilities of GROWTH in moving our community online…


We’re starting a group project together! 

We’d love to gather opinions and see what our CREATORS would like to do. We’re getting the Network involved in the project type we choose. I’m excited because this will get us started on collaborating on projects together. <3

We have a few ideas. Our favorite, because it will enhance the Network website, would be a digital spread of creators who send in their photos of them creating, or holding their creative instrument of choice.

For the shy ones take a photo with your creative in front of your face. It’s ok I can totally work with that!

I’ll bring all of us together, and insert the collage on our Network website for everyone to see just how creative we can be! It will also be used as a marketing tool to attract even more artists & creators to our Network.

Example of photo submission. Please send to:

The group photo below is somewhat how I see our project turning out, only we will each be in our own private environments. I’m a graphic designer and can make a lot happen in the Adobe Cloud programs that I know quite well. I’d like to make this fun for everyone.

Let’s get the pARTy started! 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Davina ~ Founder



We’re moving forward on the collage project, and hope you will join us. Submit your photo soon so we can feature you on our Network!

GUIDELINES: Photo of you, with your creative (art or tool) holding it either low or in front of your face. Whatever you prefer. Stand in front of a plain wall or background. Must be a clear photo, and at least 800px wide. Submit via email:






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