Featured Artist | Yazunique jewelry 

Creative Name: Yazunique jewelry 

Real Name: Yasmine Traynham

Social Media: IG – @yazunique_jewelry

Brief description of self: I would describe my self as different.

Long Description of self: I have always had a creative, artistic mind. I always have ideas in my head and always like to create the things in my mind and make it 3D.

What I create: I create handmade jewelry and accessories that are unique. When I started my business it started as Afro centric and bohemian vibes. Now it has expanded to a lil bit of everything. My creations make people want to wear jewelry that don’t normally wear it. I purposely buy odd beads or pieces to make me force myself to get creative. This hobby has become a passion of mine and I hope to expand. This also help me cope with my depression and meet many people in the area.

Project Description: A few of my top seller items

Favorite part of the creative process: My favorite part of my creation process is the feedback that I get from my supporters.

The most challenging part of the process: The most challenging part of the process is doing it alone sometimes because I make a lot of pieces and going to craft stores because I end up leaving with several things 😂

Inspiration of this creation: BLM movement and the pandemic

Other creative influences: Dance, art, and hair

How creativity betters my life: As I briefly mentioned it has helped me cope with my depression and my confidence

Advice to other aspiring artists: My piece of advice would be to go out there and show people what you are capable of because no will know unless you promote yourself.