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Creative Name: AmorosoART

Real Name: David Amoroso

Website: Amorosoart.wix.com/davidamoroso
Social Media: inst@amorosoart

Brief Description of self: One foot in the past, with the other foot desperately trying to find solid ground in the future.

Long Description of self: The main reason I create is to share my perception of what I see with the rest of the world. Sometimes I feel like many people walk past beautiful interesting things without noticing them. For most of my artwork, I guess that I am trying to say, “Stop and look at this!”

Project Name: Paletas Alacranes (Scorpion Lollipops)

Project Details: This painting was created for my current exhibit Quirk Gallery Richmond, Virginia. The exhibit is titled, “Sabor a Mi”, which basically translates to a “Taste of Me”, which was borrowed from an old song that Edie Gorme sang with Los Panchos.

Medium & why: I love acrylic because it dries so quickly.

Favorite part of the creation process: I started off in photography, so I always look at the world from that perspective. Every time I see something in the new way, it excites me and inspires me to paint.

The most challenging part of the process: I’m color-blind, so sometimes my perception of colors is a little off. There have been lots of happy accidents, but I have also had more than a handful of painting tragedies.

Inspiration: There’s something about a scorpion embedded in sugar that has always held my attention. Do you dare eat it? Or do you stop after a few licks? It’s kind of like life when you think about it. Do you go for it wholeheartedly?

Testimonial: Create! What’s the worst that could happen?

How creativity betters my life: I think that creating helps me feel like I can do anything I want. There really are no limits on canvas. It definitely helps me focus on trying to keep a glass half-full mindset.

Other creative influences: Many years ago, I used to be in a band. We played the DC new music scene back in the late 80s.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Say “yes” to any opportunity you are given to share your work with others.

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