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Creative Name: becca.embroiders

Real Name: Becca

Social Media: IG: becca.embroiders

Brief description of self: I am a driven person who wants to make things that others will enjoy.

Long Description of self: Even though I’m a pretty introverted person, I love making meaningful creations with other people. Making and sharing art helps me to grow and connect with others.

Project Description: I enjoy designing and embroidering various pieces. I do not usually give them names. – My projects are inspired by the world around me. Lately, a lot of my pieces are based off of song lyrics or books that I consume. Books and music are incredibly important to me so I’ve been channeling those things in my work a lot.

Medium & why: Typically, I use cotton and embroidery floss but have been incorporating paints and beads in my work for more texture and variety.

Favorite part of the creative process: My favorite part about my creation process is getting more adventurous with my designs and stepping out of my comfort zone

The most challenging part of the process: Having patience for myself when I make a mistake or when my work does not look the way I imagined it would.

Other creative influences: I would like to design more illustrations in the future

How creativity betters my life: Creating helps break up the monotony of the day and allows me to be adventurous

Advice to other aspiring artists: To be true to yourself and not afraid of showing your work! It can be intimidating to share your art, but it is most definitely worth it.

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  1. Wow! These are so well done i didnt even realize they were embroidery! They’re beautiful, and i love how you channel the art you enjoy into the art you make.