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Featured Interview | CBH

Real Name: Christina Blanchard Horan

Links / Websites: Https://Instagram.com/RicherMeMusic

Social Media: IG @Arichermenow

Description of self: CBH reaches for the top and has exhibited photography in US and Japan, published songs and succeeded as a business owner. I’m an entrepreneur musician and songwriter photographer yoga instructor who is passionate about life.

Project Description: “aRicherMemusic kids” – This was inspired by a heartfelt need to self assess and bring my grandchildren into the process

Medium & why: Music – they love music!

Favorite part of the creative process:  I love working with children.

The most challenging part of the process: 🧘‍♂️ staying focused

Inspiration of this creation: My grandchildren

Other creative influences: Build businesses and network!!

How creativity betters my life: Fulfilling

Advice to other aspiring artists: Stick with it and diversify.

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Advice to other aspiring artists: There are going to be a million people who tell you that your art is bad, that it won’t go anywhere, that your wasting your time, you’ll get the looks and the weird smiles when you try to explain your creative process to people, you’ll get the friends who are there to support you but don’t take the time to understand and listen to the components one of YOUR pieces takes…


  1. Love how diverse your skills are. I used to do songwriting with a partner, and i miss it greatly, so i know how fulfilling it can be. Hopefully you find some great collaborators here!