Featured Artist | Chivrak

Creative Name: Chivrak

  • Real Name: Matthew Lavigne
  • Brief Description of self: DJ, pyrotechnician, and beatmaker.
  • Project Name: Hello Summer Block Party | Live DJ set
  • Medium: Two turntables and a mixer
  • Advice to aspiring artists: Keep at it.
  • Favorite part of your creation process? Removing all the noise and detritus to get to the meat of it.
  • The most challenging part of the process: Time
  • Inspiration: Day time dance party
  • Creativity; is a healthy form of self-medication.
  • Social media: facebook.com/thelivesesh
  • Other creative outlets: fireworks and pyromusicals

I believe that people want to feel or release emotion a little more than they generally tend to be able to experience on their own and this is one of the main reasons humanity has art. Whether someone needs a laugh, cry, make connections, or release are is the vehicle that helps us flow and I use music to add my part to the art.

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  1. Such awesome beats! I’m so proud to say you are a DC Creators DJ. Can’t wait to startup our Productions/Events again to get you back up on the stages!! 😀 You have such an awesome energy, and wonderful attitude about life in general. I look forward to more future ventures together.

  2. I keep hearing so many awesome things about the LEGO events! They look like such a great time. But it was the amazing food and desserts that really piqued my interest. If there is food, I will go. Jada Maurits Ormiston