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Featured Interview | David B. Goldstein

Website: davidbgoldstein.com

Social Media:
Instagram: david_b_goldstein
Clubhouse: @davidbgoldstein
Twitter: @Davidbgoldstein
Facebook: @goldsteinauthor

Description of self: I like to be in the background and help others, mostly by assisting them to see through the chaos to focus on what really counts. My art is a tangible way to show what I’m thinking about. We all see things differently. My creative work is to share the beauty, ideas, and connections that I see.

Project Details: “Lion Awaking” – I’ve lived in Asia and now being back home, I feel things are changing. The Lion statue, grounded in ancient traditions is realizing It’s strength and waking.

Medium & why: Acrylic on canvas for the bold colors and to allow light colors over dark (luxuries that aren’t easily done with watercolor)

Favorite part of the creation process: I like the thinking part best. People notice that I’m a fast painter but they don’t realize how much time I spend thinking about how best to express my ideas. 80 percent thinking: 10 percent executing the plan: and 10 percent embracing the unexpected.

The most challenging part of the process: For me promoting is challenging. I believe it’s an artist’s responsibility to share what they the make and it’s a step in the creative process that does not come naturally to me. It’s a necessary effort to put myself out there.

Other creative influences: I wrote the bestselling book: Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive – to show everyone how to be more creative using their natural strenghts.

How creativity betters my life: You know, when I’m actively painting, three great things happen. I see the world around me as a more beautiful place, I’m happier, and most useful, I found that I’m more able to reach creative solutions to issues in other areas of life.

Advice to other aspiring artists: Know yourself! Creating what you want to do and how you want to do it; not what you think you should do. Your best work will come from doing it your way.

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