Finished Fate of Atlantis, exciting Collab Stream!!

Hey everyone, Adam here, posting a collection of my weekly twitch streams where I focus on non-violent games, which I’m defining as “rewarding the player for intellectual and/or emotional engagement, rather than providing dopamine for combat and other violent accomplishments”. Forgot to post last week, so I’m sharing double today. 

The goal is to show the breadth of what the medium of video games can offer, and subsequently to dispel the myth that video games exist purely as a way to experience some kind of macho power fantasy the way a series like Call of Duty does. Video games are a medium, and one that arguably could provide even more varied experiences than film or books–two mediums that would never be assumed to only provide a single, harmful experience. So join me as I take you through games that provide wonderful alternatives to that type of game, from being empathy engines, to being a teacher of frustration tolerance, to elevating problem-solving skills– and more!



Last week: Visiting Kate and Uncovering Vital Clues

This week: Rachel’s fate…finally revealed


Last week: New characters, new voices!

This week: The Return of Logic and Reasoning Spectacular!


This week: We finally reach the heart of Atlantis…and the end of the game!

Though you may notice one is missing, and that’s because I did a stream outside my brand as a collaboration with Mechanist Gamma!! (his channel: )

We played Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2, link here:

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