Important Updates

Important Updates

Scheduled Hangouts

Every Third WEDNESDAY of the month  @7p -7:30p on Discord.

Join us on DISCORD!


Recent Changes

We are reducing our Exchange & Groups, narrowing it down to the essentials. This will help us channel our focus so we can better connect, and build out from there.

Now that we’re clearing things out please feel free to create your own groups & request Exchange forum topics you think will be beneficial to us all. After all, we’re building this for you!



We share posts on our Instagram & Facebook pages to help YOU get exposure. Start blogging now to take advantage of this opportunity while it’s FREE!


We're now on Discord!

Daily hangouts / Chill & Chat

PLEASE NOTE: This will be a separate account from the Network, but please use the same user name.


Thank you...

We appreciate your patience while we work out the kinks. If you have any problems or questions please fill out our Q&A FORM.


Share your creatives on our Blog & we share them on social media!

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Older Updates

Show & Tell Hangouts on Discord & Zoom


Creators present their projects via screen-share, and we will share it all across our social media. :heart: GET FREE EXPOSURE!


Members Hangouts

Let us meet! We’d love to get to know you.

This will be our first monthly hangout session! It’s simply so we can all meet & get to know each other. All Members Welcome so we hope you will join!


WEDNESDAY, April 21st @5pm on Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting [link removed]

UPDATE: “GREAT HANGOUT! Thanks for joining everyone! We’ll be doing it again next month!”

Group Project (Selfie-Collage)

We are working on a GROUP PROJECT, but safe in our own homes.  To find out more about how to participate please go here!

We’d love to have you join us!


Network in Progress...

We are still in the production phase and strive to create a better platform for our members every day so we’re always implementing feedback & updating the site. We will inform you of any scheduled times for Maintenance on our Network. (3-7-21)

Feedback Welcome!

Do you like the Network so far? 😝 How could we improve?
Let us know in our FEEDBACK FORM. (3-7-21)