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Sound Design, Graphic Design, and Transformational Creativity Coaching Experiences

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I recognized the feeling of “Groove” at a very early age. Following that feeling into the world of music has allowed me to channel change into something recognizable and personal. Music has become a meditative yet physical activity for me, and as such, rhythm and constant change take center stage in my creative process under the artist moniker Hawt Coco. Marching Percussion, Hip-Hop, Neurobass, Dubstep, House, Drum n Bass, Techno, Neo-soul, Funk, and Jazz are all foundations of my style which has become something distinct in itself which I’ve begun to call Neurosoul


Academically I opted to formally study the psychology of creativity and wellbeing that has impacted my life so deeply in order to support other creatives as they attempt to navigate the complexities on modern life. After a BA in Psychology, an MA in Positive Psychology, and a certification in Wellbeing Coaching this desire has culminated in my own coaching practice called Upward Acts where I coach creatives one-on-one  around the process of creating a meaningful and fulfilling creative life.