• What is this network about?
    • The network is built as a tool for creators/artists to collect & connect outside of social media, (and safe from COVID). These days it’s hard to connect, and express in meaningful ways, on a personal level. This is a safe space to be your most creative self, with other locals who are also passionate about creating.
  • Why should I fill out my profile completely?
    • We are TOP RANKING ON GOOGLE (Over 50,000+ visits since opening in March of 2021!) So if you fill out your profile, those who visit can know more about you, and how to find your work.
  • How can I use this network to better my creative success?
    • Connect with local creators to thrive. We’re more likely to succeed as a team!
    • Get the word out there about your projects, products, or productions on our blog with our YOU SHARE, WE SHARE program. Anything you post on the Network, we share on our social media to help you get exposure.
    • Create groups for your projects & invite your friends to join you in a safe, creative-driven environment.
    • Find helpful information for creators on our Exchange boards. (please also share if you can)
  • SPARKLE: (FREE) Join or create Groups & share in the Exchange, fill out your own creative profile & insert images in your own gallery.
  • SHIMMER: ($5/mo) We love to share. When you post on the blog, we share it across our social media to help you get exposure! It’s a great opportunity to get the word out there about your project, products, or productions. You also may view all members to connect easily with others. However, in order to maintain the “You Share, we share” program we have to pay our people to do the work so we ask for a $5/mo contribution to keep the program running.
  • SHINE: Coming soon

We strive to feature a local artist every Monday on our blog & share their stories with our community. There is so much wonderful talent in the DC< MD & VA area. We love to help those who strive, to thrive! Or at least get their stories heard. YOU TOO can be featured! Just sign up (FREE) to find out more. 

Have you been featured?

  • Q: I was chosen as a featured artist and was asked if I would like to blog about my creations. I’d love to but how do I take advantage of this? 
  • A: Simply sign up for a Shimmer Membership, and blog about your project. We will share your posts on our social media to help you get exposure.
  • Create groups of any kind (as long as it’s creative-related).
  • Network & connect under certain niches.
  • Invite your friends & followers to join your groups.
  • Connect safely outside of social media in your own private groups.

Share helpful information with other creators …or find something useful to use yourself.

Have a Question?

We’re still gathering our Q&A. Please ask so we can address any questions or concerns you may have.