Rules & Guidelines

We’re being “loose” on the word creative.

Aside from art, music, performances, etc., you may also post about health, wellness, and mental awareness. As long as it’s to create a better life; self-awareness, enlightenment, empowerment, etc. We are here to enrich one another's lives any way we can.

No hate-speech. No politics. No gender bashing.

NO MEANIES! Any type of negativity is frowned upon! We are all about positivity moving forward. In other words, keep it kind & creatively related at all times. The DC Creators Network supports the LGBTQ community and requires that an individual's stated pronouns will be respected at all times. Making inappropriate comments, or mocking this requirement is grounds for immediate termination of your membership and all access to the DC Creators Network website. Soon we will have "pronouns" in plain sight on all profiles.

Share only FREE goodies within our Exchange.

If you sign up to blog you may share your paid goods or services (discreetly), but keep the exchange FREE for everyone to enjoy. We are not here to sell to each other. We are here to HELP each other. You may SKILL-SHARE, etc. in our designated Exchange Forums, and we’ll likely also have a Marketplace in the future, so no paid services or products are currently allowed in the exchange.

Take as much as you give.

Only take what you can give; meaning, if you are using our Forums for exchange, please offer something free for everyone to enjoy; big or small (knowledge is always valuable).

SHARE YOUR BEST! We could all use some real support.

SHARING IS CARING! We all have the potential to truly & authentically share our best to help each other. Practice giving, stay positive, and ods are fortune will come your way.

Only one profile per user. Let's keep it clean.

Although it's tempting to have separate profiles for projects, we have limited room on our servers to do so. You may switch out your pofile type any time, depending on how you would like to engage our community at that time (creator, teacher, student, etc.)

Our focused is on local DC, MD & VA creators...

Any artist/creator can join, but our focus is on connecting Washington, DC, MD & VA, creatively. After it's safe to gather we look to collaborate in-person & host events in local establishments in the area. However, if we get enough interest in your state we will likely create a NEW Network there too... so feel free to signup even if you're not in the area! We'd still love to have you.

Bloggers & Vloggers

You share... WE SHARE!

We share posts on our Instagram & Facebook pages to help YOU get exposure. Start blogging now to take advantage of this opportunity while it’s FREE!

No long posts. Keep them short for easy reading.

Keep your blog posts short(ish) so viewers can read posts with ease. Unfortunately, in today’s world peoples’ general attention span is very limited so take that into account when writing. It also makes them more tempting for DC Creators to SHARE!

Only YOUR original works, ideas or projects.

Please note you may not share anyone else’s creation or links on our Blog at any point. It must be your original thoughts or ideas. We look to promote YOU as the creator.

Make sure it's posted when you're done.

Always remember after publishing a blog to revisit the Blog page to make sure it posted. Check the "RECENT POSTS" section on our Blog page - it should be there (or in your drafts). Also, don't forget to set your Featured Image for the thumbnail to show.

PLEASE NOTE: These rules & guidelines are subject to change as we build our Network. Thank you.