SO MUCH BIG STUFF this week!!

Hey everyone, Adam here, posting a collection of my weekly twitch streams where I focus on non-violent games, which I’m defining as “rewarding the player for intellectual and/or emotional engagement, rather than providing dopamine for combat and other violent accomplishments”.


Tuesday: Day started out calm, ended…worse. Daniel is not doing well at all, mental health-wise. Sean’s doing his best but can’t help being overly controlling due to his stress over keeping Daniel’s powers hidden and keeping both of them safe. Then everything reaches a tipping point and it all goes very wrong, very quickly.

Life is Strange 2 Part 7:

Thursday: We mounted our defense of Gina! As always the odds are stacked against us–the Jury’s stacked with bias against the lower class, just to start—but we’ll never give up!

The Great Ace Attorney Part 21:

Saturday: Decided to do a super duper long stream! Why not, eh? It was a blast. Started Monkey Island 2, several of my regulars stopped by, got a new follower, kicked Largo off Scab, found all the map pieces, and more!

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Part 1:

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