Two new games!!

Hey everyone, Adam here, sorry for the delay in this post! Gonna be a longer one because I’ve missed a few, but as usual here are my twitch streams where I focus on non-violent games, which I’m defining as “rewarding the player for intellectual and/or emotional engagement, rather than providing dopamine for combat and other violent accomplishments”.


Tuesday Streams

Painful Memories (Life is Strange True Colors DLC part 2)

Welcome to Aperture (Portal part 1)

Mo’ Puzzles, mo’ problems (Portal part 2)


Thursday Streams

Over-acting, yet underperforming (The Great Ace Attorney 2 part 6)

The Convict’s Curse (The Great Ace Attorney 2 part 7)


Saturday’s Streams: 

What an ending (Unavowed Part 7):

are we all just cool with this? (Broken Age part 1):

“Lightness in all things” (Broken Age Part 2):

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